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Casein Protein Fluff with Blue Berries and Coconut

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If you have never eaten protein fluff, you really missed out! A handful of ingredients and a lot of volume, this is the perfect responsible snack for the real sweet tooth. If you like something sweet after eating or while watching a movie, but are paying attention to your macros, then this is the perfect recipe. Believe us when we say; This is super addictive!

What do you need?

– An electric mixer (this is highly recommended because mixing the protein fluff can become a tough task if you do this by hand)

– a blender

– A big bowl (remember that it has to be BIG, the fluff starts small but you’ll see that it’ will become big!)


– 1 cup of frozen blueberries (any kind of frozen berries will do, also frozen banana)

– 1 scoop of Ekopura organic casein powder

– 1/2 teaspoon of organic vanilla powder or vanilla extract (may also be more depending on your taste)

– 1/3 cup of almond milk (you can also replace almond milk with any other kind of milk)

Optional ingredients:

– 1/2 teaspoons of bio Xanthaangom (Xanthium gum) (this is not required, your fluff will also work without this ingredient, but if you have this, it will certainly provide extra volume)

– 1/2 teaspoon of organic cinnamon powder


1.Put all ingredients in the blender and mix everything into a beautiful paste

2.Use the electric hand mixer and mix it all at the maximum speed for 2-3 minutes (the longer you mix, the bigger and fluffier it will be, so if you can wait it, it’s definitely worth it)

3.Place the fluff into a bowl and garnish with anything you like. We like to garnish with coconut flakes, fresh berries and almond butter.





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