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Anyone who’s into running, sports or heavy workouts knows the drill. If the adrenaline decreases your body is craving for food and energy. What could be better at that moment than to spoil yourself with a delicious and healthy post-workout smoothie?

In 2014 the brothers Lars and Jorn came to the conclusion that the food supplements they took to recover after their exercises were full of artificial additives and sugars. While they were living as healthy as possible, did a lot of sports and paid attention to the nutrition they took, to them it felt that it was almost impossible to find a whey protein shake that was clean, and had a high biological value of protein. Because the product they wanted was not avaialble they decided to develop it themselves.

After a year of preperations they launched their brand named ”Ekopura” on January 1st, 2015. The first product they launched was Ekopura Organic Whey Protein Purely Natural, which is a 100% organic whey protein that is free of artificial additives and sugars. Later in the year 2015 they will launch different natural flavors such as strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate.

Whey protein helps your muscles to recover after physical exercise. The beauty is that Ekopura organice whey protein is low in calories and therefore fits perfectly into any diet. Make sure to check out the delicious post workout smoothie recipes




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